Sorry! We are still building the Juggernaut System. 

But join the waitlist and the moment it's completed i will get in touch! 
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the juggernaut strength System waitlist

  • ​Comprehensive Training System: ​This program is versatile enough to complement The Boxer's Code or stand alone as a complete strength and conditioning system, ensuring all aspects of your training are covered.
  • Three core concepts: The Conjugate Method, FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) and then Structural Balance. We take the best elements from all three and combine them to create a powerful system. 
  • ​Enhances performance by dramatically increasing markers of strength, power, conditioning and mobility. 

I wanted to share why I created the Juggernaut Strength System. Strength and full range of motion are crucial for boosting punching power and speed, which I discovered through 15+ years of training in strength and powerlifting. This training has immensely improved my boxing and even allowed me to keep up with heavyweights at just 165 pounds.

The Juggernaut Strength System is designed to complement The Boxer's Code or be used independently as a complete training program. Whether you're enhancing your boxing skills or aiming to get stronger, this system will guide you every step of the way.

Your Coach, Jake